LT Truck Mixers


LT Mixers

The L&T Mixers for trucks are a real system for concrete mixing and transport according to high quality and functional standards. Each technical detail has been conceived, designed and realized in order to make the mixers work in perfect harmony with the truck chassis destined for their transport. The Mixers for trucks are an excellent instrument in the service of the modern sites at low operating costs. A wide range of capacities from 4 to 12 m3 of vibrated concrete always guarantees low tares and optimised carrying capacities.
The special design of the mixing blades guarantees a mixing homogeneity in all the drum sections, thus keeping the characteristics of the transported concrete unchanged. The L&T Mixers for trucks fully meet the DIN 1045 - DIN 459 - AS 1379 : 97/ A mdt 1-2000 norms with regard to the mixing capacity with dry feeding.

REDUCED CONSUMPTION All L&T Mixers for trucks are equipped with hydraulic transmissions and gearboxes that allow to reach the maximum rotation speed of the mixing drum when the vehicle is at 1500 revolutions/1' (in comparison with the usual 1800 revolutions/1'). Such a characteristic allows to diminish the fuel consumption, to reduce the wear and tear and to respect the environment (thanks to the low sound emissions).